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Imagine that. those ass holes over at patd community rejected this. I can not figure those mods out. some of the stuff they let in is just stupid. Well here you go.

I was reading a book last night called "The Last Days" by Scott Westerfeld.  It is the sequel to my favorite book of all time "Peeps".
This little section below gave me a pretty good laugh considering it
was late and I was tired.

The story revolves around a band, and in this section, they are about to sign a record deal.  The
label boss-  Astor Michaels- has just give them an hour to come up with a good band name.  

     Pearl leaned forward.  '"Okay, guys, we don't have to panic about this."
     "Panic!"  I said.  "We could be the Panic!"
     "I'd rather be the desk," Moz said quietly.

Okay, skip ahead a couple of pages... Astor Michaels has just returned

     "Come on!" Astor Michaels snapped his fingers.  "It's do-or-die time.  Are we in business or not?"
     Naurally, everyone looked at Pearl.
     "Um..." The silence streched out.  "The, uh,
     "The Panic," Moz corrected.  "Singular."
     Astor Michaels considered this for a moment, then burst out laughing. 
"You'd be amazed how many people come up with that."
     "With what?" Pearl said.
"Panic.  Whenever I give bands the Name Ultimatum, they always end up
calling themselves something like the Panic, the Freakout, or even the How the Hell Should We Know?"  He laughed again, his teeth flashing in the semi-darkness.
     "So... you don't like it?" Pearl asked softly.
     "It's crap," he chuckled.  "Sounds like a bunch of eighties wannabes."

here is the link to Scott Westerfeld's webpage.  this is the
page about "Peeps"- the first book.  I really suggest reading
"Peeps" and "The Last Days"- they are both really good

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09 April 2007 @ 01:39 pm
The newest addition to life:

Hella yes. More to come.
[The image is hosted from tinypic so you can just copy and paste the code]

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Cabin Fever

RyRo: *whines* Bden, do I hafte wear these sweatpants?
Bden: What's wrong with them?
RyRo: They're so... Pink.
Bden: Then no you don't have to.
RyRo: YAYYYY!!!!!@!@!111!!!eleven!
Bden: Go wear the orange ones.
RyRo: *tear*
jWalk: *lurks* OHS NOSES!!!!eleven!
Spence: Wha?
jWalk: They posted the general location of our Panic! cave!
le Boys: *le GASP!*
Spence: Quick!
jWalk: What?
Spence: Someone find us razors!
*shuffling of feet/scrambling around*
*noises of helicopters and search dogs*
El-Jay-ers: *megaphone-d* Panic! At The Disco, come out with your hand up!
RyRo: OhMyGoodness!OhMyGoodness!OhMyGoodness! WhatDoWeDo?!?!?!?

...To Be Continued...
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11 February 2007 @ 05:15 pm
jWalk: *walking down the street whistling*
Tourist: ZOMG! Chi-cago! Quick! Pictures!
Tourist's Friend: *whips out camera*
jWalk: My camera sense is tingling! *runs a couple blocks*
Tourist's Friend: Okay, give me a... 'oh-my-gosh-someone-famous-is-about-to-run-into-my-picture' face!
Tourist: *'oh-my-gosh-someone-famous-is-about-to-run-into-my-picture' face*
Tourist's Friend: Great! 1... 2...
jWalk: *jumps into picture*
Tourist's Friend: 3!
jWalk: *goes back to walking down the street whistling*
*polaroid develops*
Tourist: Who's that? *points to jWalk in picture*
Tourist's Friend: Damn Chi-cagans...
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05 February 2007 @ 06:05 pm
[cross-posted to patd]

Since there's been a lot of massive threads happening in patd,
We thought it'd be a good idea to make a community just for that.

And it's all for the good of the patd elj-ay.
The threads in this community will be Panic! related only
[We've maxed out comments on how many threads now? ;D]

So anytime there's the beginning of a massive thread,
please direct it to teh_eljay_crew.

Go, Join.
you know you wanna be a part of it.


EDIT: It doesn't look like patd el-jay has accepted my post about it yet...
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04 February 2007 @ 03:18 pm
For those of us making jerseys,what number do we put for jWalk?


14:46 14 seconds into the game - Bears make a touchdown!
12:48 Bears intercept ball
6:34 Bears recover the ball

First Quarter: 14-6

Second Quarter: 19-14

1:14 TouchDown!

Third Quarter: 28-17

Final Score: 29-17

Stupid Colts...
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04 February 2007 @ 12:46 am
-Year 2008-
jWalk: *on news* Srsly. If Hilary can run, I can be 13 years under the age req and still run. Vote Walker homies.
patd El-Jay comm reporter: What will be the first thing you do if elected?
Faith: I think you mean when elected.
jWalk: I will make Space my VP, RyRo my Sec o' State, and Bden will be in charge of large D's plus picket signs and big guns.
El-Jay-er: Aren't you forgetting a few things?
jWalk: January 20, February 2, and February 3 will become national holidays known as Build God Thread Day, Build God Thread Jr. Day, and WikiPWNia Day.
recycled_ilys: You're forgetting another thing.
jWalk: 'Build the Damn Build God Video' also known as 'BuildGodThreads, then Jon'll Talk (and hopefully give us what we want)' or simply 'Build Jon, Then We'll Watch' the fan version of "Build God, Then We'll Talk" shall be required watching during 12th grade due to it's vulgar content.
jWalk: Anything else I'm forgetting?
El-Jay-ers+Faith: Nope. You're good.
jWalk: Vote WALKER!

*end transmission*

trendycreep: goodnight :]
and sweet dreams of jwalk pole dancing to 'amazing grace'

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02 February 2007 @ 07:53 pm
Srsly. What will get you guys to post more?

Also, new word:


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30 January 2007 @ 09:18 pm
jWalk: *lurklurklurk*
Bden: Ello.
jWalk: D=
RyRo: What?
jWalk: Panic! el-jay comms are slowly dying!
Spence: What's all the hullabaloo?
RyRo: We're slowly losing them!
Bden: Energy.. And hotness... Slowly. Leaving. Body... *falls to floor*
Spence: O_O *faints*
RyRo: OhMyGoodnessWhatInTheWorldAreWeGonnaDo?!?!?! *fetal postition*
jWalk: One by one... One by one!!!

Help save Panic! Post more. =]
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23 January 2007 @ 10:14 pm

jWalk: Bahahaha Silly fans!
*posts as anon* For reals, panic at the disco sucks. go find some better music and demand them for videos!!!!11!11

RyRo: jWalk!!!! BREAKFAST TIME!!!
Spence: -_-
Bden: Keep it up, and you stay in the minivan.
jWalk: *puppy face*
Faith: *shh* I'll buy you pancakes.
jWalk: ^o^

-23.6 seconds later-

*jWalk's inbox is attacked by 3987 email notifications from El-Jay*

-back from the food place-

jWalk: *checks email* HOLY SDLKFJSD!!!1!11.
Bden: Wha?
jWalk: Look! *points*
RyRo: I told you something was up!
Spence: That's a lot of emails... More emails than I get in a week... *depressed*

*fangirls run in and hug Spence, high five jWalk, wave at Bden, giggle and fall over at the sight of RyRo*

Spence: ^_^
rest of Panic!: o_o
RyRo: Okayyyy then.
Bden: *reads jWalk's post* Heyy... Do we really suck?
Spence & Ryro: -_-
jWalk: *lurks some more* YAY BEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!

-two days later-

jWalk: *on p!atd journal*
01.22.2007 - its a kind of magic
the bears are going to the superbowl. now if mcdonalds starts selling breakfast all day, we would be fine...

*walks away*

Bden: Time to play PacMan!!!
jWalk: *epiphany* WAIT!
Bden: *freezes*
jWalk: *back on p!atd journal*

ps. what build god thread.... :)
- lets just say jon

Bden: o_o ?
jWalk: All better!

fangirls: *run by* jWalk FOR PREZZZZ!

RyRo: Fo sho.
Spence: RyRo, srsly. Your gangsta days are over.
RyRo: *tear*
Faith: *glomp*
RyRo: ^_^
Bden: Where's the Bden love?
El-Jay-er: *hands Bden a water bottle*
Bden: -_- ?
jWalk + RyRo: *laughs hysterically*
Spence: I dun get it...
Faith: Do you have five free hours to spend reading?
Spence + Bden: ???
Faith: Nevermind then. Go play Guitar Hero. 2!
Bden: Kayyy!!!!!

Ideas are the greatest XDCollapse )

end of story.jWalk for prez.
*Proud to be a jWalker*
Woot TeamJon!

/end post full of JonLove.

p.s. Maybe I should have put the scene under the cut... oh well.
your friends page has been raped with love.
psh. hah.

I'm seeing jWalk everywhere. No srsly. I'm going crazy.
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